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 Arguments for God:
Presuppositional Spaghetti, the Lottery Paradox, and the Search for God
Goldbach’s Conjecture and the Uselessness of the Modal Ontological Argument
The Anthropic Oddity of our Youth
 Creation and Science:
A Nonexpert Review of the Book “Refuting Compromise” by Jonathan Sarfati
The Popular Christian Doctrine that Effectively Denies Creation  (Hint: It’s not evolution!)
Evolution and the Second Law of Thermodynamics
 Christian Theology:
Rational Christian Eschatology [pdf]
The Population of Israel in the Exodus
Calvinism and Free Will
Does God Sovereignly Ordain Evil?
Does God Expect Christians to Keep the Sabbath?
 Political Appeals:
On the Personhood of Pre-implantation Embryos  (A warning that the pro-life community Is largely going too far!)
Taxation in the Spirit of the U. S. Constitution
 Just for Fun:
Wisdom Sayings
You Might Be an Evangelical American Christian Fundamentalist If . . .

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