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 Arguments for God:
Presuppositional Spaghetti, the Lottery Paradox, and the Search for God
Goldbach’s Conjecture and the Uselessness of the Modal Ontological Argument
The Anthropic Oddity of our Youth
 Creation and Science:
A Nonexpert Review of the Book “Refuting Compromise” by Jonathan Sarfati
The Popular Christian Doctrine that Effectively Denies Creation  (Hint: It’s not evolution!)
Evolution and the Second Law of Thermodynamics
 Christian Theology:
Rational Christian Eschatology [pdf]
The Population of Israel in the Exodus
Calvinism and Free Will
 Political Appeals:
On the Personhood of Pre-implantation Embryos  (A warning that the pro-life community Is largely going too far!)
Taxation in the Spirit of the U. S. Constitution

About Me (the author of this web site)
My Theological Pigeonhole (current statement of beliefs)

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