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Edward A. Morris (Ed)
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Welcome to my website, started all the way back in 2001 when I was a young, embarrassingly dogmatic, conservative evangelical Christian. My goal then was to write in defense of the theological beliefs I was sincerely trying to hold in a rational, intellectually honest way. How things have changed! As my worldview gradually evolved almost 180 degrees, to a form of agnosticism closer to atheism than Christianity, so did the website. (Though some evidence of my former religious self obviously remains, and you can check out My Theological Pigeonhole to see even more.)

I originally intended the title of this website to allude to the Biblical story of the Bereans, who were commended as being “noble-minded” for their willingness to examine their scriptures to see if the things Paul told them were so (Acts 17:11). I now believe they would have been more deserving of that designation if they had also been willing to subject the scriptures themselves to skeptical examination, of course, but in any case, the title remains.

My formal education is in electrical and computer engineering (M.S. from UW-Madison), but my informal research interests have grown over the years to include epistemology and philosophy of mind, partly because of the potential implications of those subjects on the kinds of questions I frequently wrestled with in my journey from Christianity to agnosticism. I hope to write more about these topics in time.

In addition to my writing, I also share reduced-resolution versions of some of my favorite photographs on this website, most of which I take while hiking in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. The picture above is me at the top of Pawnee Peak in the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area about an hour west of my home, taken August 26, 2011.

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