Breaking the Spell

Brainwashed parents, brainwashed kids—
Abort that vortex! Hit the skids!
Become the one who dares to find
How much tradition’s tricked your mind.

Not by parents’ views alone;
By peers’, as well, strange seeds are sown.
The deepest roots that grow most real
May worst defraud; don’t go by feel.

When you’ve reexamined all,
Admit your knowledge still is small.
Instruct your children that they, too,
Might learn the most when doubting you.

Ed Morris, 2019

(Title shamelessly borrowed from Daniel C. Dennett’s book of the same name.)

This page copyright © 2019 Edward A. Morris.  Created January 11, 2019.  Last updated May 16, 2020.

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