Calvary’s Call

Hear, O heart, the call of Calvary!
   Sweet the soft, persistent sound!
Bids us bask in boundless blessing
   Where abundant life is found.

Will we wallow in our weakness
   With the wealth of God so near?
Lift our eyes, Lord! Plant before them
   Calvary’s source of strength and cheer.

When assailed by sin so shameful
   We abhor our flesh, aghast,
May the cross of Christ remind us
   Of forgiveness, free and vast.

When we’re weary, worn, and woeful,
   Dour, despondent, and depressed,
May the tree that sweetened Marah
   Grant refreshment, joy, and rest.

When our hearts grow cold and distant,
   Drifting after worldly lure,
What besides the cross can stir them,
   With its voice of love so sure?

Keep us close, O Christ, to Calvary!
   Stay our wayward, wandering minds.
Fix our focus on that fountain
   Where Your glory brightest shines!

Ed Morris, 2008

This page copyright © 2008 Edward A. Morris.  Created February 16, 2008.  Last updated February 16, 2008.

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