They Cheer for Jesus

They cheer for Jesus as he faithfully goes after the Pharisees
For the intolerant hypocrisy of their piously prejudiced opinions.

They cheer for Jesus with satisfied songs of his soon-coming conquest
To massacre militant unbelievers for their barbarically boastful views.

They cheer for Jesus in the praying persistence of proselytizers
Who urge the untruly indoctrinated to dare reassess their subconscious assumptions.

They cheer for Jesus in the mental inoculation of preschoolers up through patriarchs
To never esteem any studious doubt, by deeming it unseemly sin.

And sometimes they cheer for Jesus just to drown out an unnerving suspicion
That perhaps these projections confound on reflection which roles represent their religion.

Ed Morris, 2020

This page copyright © 2020 Edward A. Morris.  Created October 3, 2020.  Last updated October 4, 2020.

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