Crucified With Jesus

I am crucified with Jesus,
   It is no more I who live,
I am well content with weakness,
   Perfect power to receive,
And the life He now lives in me
   Is my only righteousness.
Jesus gave His own self for me,
   How can I desire less?

When my soul goes down to Egypt
   To indulge in worldly thought,
And I’m living for my pleasure,
   Not for Him by whom I’m bought,
May He rescue me from bondage
   With His title to forgive.
Since I’m crucified with Jesus,
   My own life I cannot live.

When I’m feasting on the manna
   From my Savior’s vast array
In the holy heav’nly places
   Where His blood has made a way,
How the old things are supplanted
   By the new in Christ my Lord.
Crucified and raised with Jesus,
   Wondrous life in me outpoured!

When I see the One who loves me
   In His splendor on the throne,
Any glory He bestows me
   Will be His and not my own,
And the scars of my Redeemer
   Will outshine the crowns for me.
I am crucified with Jesus,
   Linked to Him eternally.

Ed Morris, 2001

This page copyright © 2006 Edward A. Morris.  Created July 29, 2006.  Last updated July 29, 2006.

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