Echoes from the Emmaus Road

Now were you wondering if I’d be Messiah-king, My land to free from every wretched enemy?
   And did you hope for holy flame, consuming all who have no claim on God of Israel’s vengeful name?
      And were you wishing that I’d stay and bring about that brilliant day of righteousness and wisdom’s way?
         And would you rush to share My reign with no more tears or doubt or pain, and faith exchanged for conqueror’s gain?

         Or can you catch My kingdom’s view by trusting in your Father true no matter what He puts you through?
      And can you praise His perfect plan who raised Me to His regnant hand to wait the time of His command?
   And will you welcome how I’ll win from every nation, tribe, and kin who need, like you, My fire within?
And would you own as Christ today a Savior with a better way than how His people often pray?

Then you will know I am indeed Messiah-king, My world to free from each ethereal enemy.
   For I will burn with holy flame your vile desires that have no claim on God of Israel’s joyful name.
      And by My Spirit I will stay and work in you My rightful day that shines to show My wisdom’s way.
         And while you wait to share My reign, you’ll find the faith to face each strain and triumph in a Lamb once slain.

Ed Morris, 2011

This page copyright © 2011 Edward A. Morris.  Created August 16, 2011.  Last updated August 16, 2011.

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