Eternal God

Before the mountains soared on high
Beneath a silent, starlit sky,
Mere mortal minds to mystify,
From everlasting You are God.

We live our lives, and change, and grow,
And laugh, and mourn, and terror know,
And empires come, and empires go,
And all the while You still are God.

We moil at mysteries dark and deep,
And agonize, and lose our sleep,
Forgetting that we are but sheep,
And You, our Shepherd, are true God.

So teach us, Lord, to see our days
As numbered by Your sovereign ways
And find truth, trust, love, peace, and praise
In holy, changeless, awesome God.

Ed Morris, 2011

This page copyright © 2011 Edward A. Morris.  Created August 16, 2011.  Last updated August 26, 2011.

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