Faith More Precious Than Gold

Although now, for a while,
Sore distressed by grievous trial,
   And your love for your Lord may grow cold,
You are shielded by Him,
To His hope you’re born again,
   And your faith is more precious than gold.

How intense is the fire
Of your grief and deep desire
   And the pain of the sob of your soul;
Of God’s plan you’re afraid,
And by Him you feel betrayed,
   But your faith is more precious than gold.

Though He slay, you can trust
Him who made you out of dust;
   He is still the same God as of old.
Though you can’t see Him now,
Still you love Him anyhow
   With your faith that’s more precious than gold.

God is now glorified
When in Him you still abide
   And His fruit of endurance show bold.
You’re the work of His hand,
And on Him you must depend,
   So your faith is more precious than gold.

You can greatly rejoice
In His name and in His choice
   More like Jesus your being to mold.
So then run to the Lord,
To His side and to His Word;
   Put to practice this faith more than gold.

When you flee thus in prayer
And experience His care,
   Then the proof of your faith will be told.
Though some pain might remain,
You’ll thank God for all the rain,
   For you’ll know your faith’s worth more than gold.

And this faith has an end
That you’ll better comprehend:
   The salvation and life of your soul,
An inheritance sweet,
Bowing at your Savior’s feet,
   Praising Him for this gift more than gold.

Ed Morris, 2004
(Based on 1 Peter 1:3-9)

This page copyright © 2006 Edward A. Morris.  Created July 29, 2006.  Last updated July 29, 2006.

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