God’s Kingdom

Granite-solid, airy, glorious,
   Rising o’er the race of time,
Reigns a kingdom all victorious,
   Unperturbed by hate and crime.

In this paradise of Eden
   Men and women walk with God
Shamelessly, His grace to sweeten
   Shadows from the basal sod.

By His covenant they reckon
   Sins expunged and stripped of charm.
While the astral mansions beckon,
   Zion’s children fear no harm.

Built around a temple showing
   Where God’s holiness can dwell,
Source of living water flowing:
   Jesus, our Immanuel.

He who proved its prized perfection
   Gave it form for eyes of faith
By His death and resurrection
   To secure each tenant’s place.

When God sounds the final trumpet,
   His great kingdom to unveil,
Then will come the Lord triumphant,
   Over evil to prevail.

Left outside, the foolish virgins
   With no life to light their way:
Nevermore will sin’s incursions
   Darken on that dazzling day.

Fast will fade earth’s former features,
   Symbols of a stabler sphere.
God will consummate with creatures
   Lavish love that lured us here.

Ed Morris, 2011

This page copyright © 2011 Edward A. Morris.  Created June 1, 2011.  Last updated June 1, 2011.

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