The Golden Chain of Redemption

’Tis glorious to trace how the God of all grace
   Works His shining salvation’s decree,
And loving Him now, I delight to see how
   It’s because of His first loving me.

The process began with His purpose and plan
   From before the foundation of time:
He named me His own, marking me as foreknown,
   Though through no undertaking of mine.

His love would not rest without me being blessed;
   He ensured it would all come to pass.
He predestined the line, how my life would unwind
   To conform to Christ’s image at last.

The day finally came when He’d realize His claim
   And reveal His dear Son in my heart.
The call of His Word then effectually stirred
   The sweet hearing of faith on my part.

By faith justified, from my sins purified,
   In His righteousness I’m made to stand.
He gave me new birth that’s of infinite worth;
   I partake of His nature so grand.

Thus fixed to the vine, I can bear fruit divine,
   For His promise of glory’s begun,
And it’s bound to complete when I bow at His feet
   And forever give praise to the Son!

Ed Morris, 2008
(Based on Romans 8:29-30)

This page copyright © 2008 Edward A. Morris.  Created September 3, 2008.  Last updated September 6, 2008.

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