Gospel Glory

Radiant rays of gospel glory:
   See them in the Savior’s face!
Streaming, gleaming, broadly beaming,
   Shedding light in every place.

You who dwell in depths of darkness,
   Daylight dawns and starts to shine,
Glowing, growing, starkly showing
   Sinful flesh and truth divine.

In that blinding blaze the blackness
   Of your soul can feign no smile.
Stressing, pressing, sore distressing,
   Sin now shows so cruel and vile.

Do not love the night of slumber;
   Let the Lord of light shine in.
Living, giving, all-forgiving,
   He alone can save and clean.

For that light of God most holy
   Tells a tale of glorious grace.
Caring, bearing sins so glaring,
   Willingly He takes our place.

See salvation’s splashing splendor!
   View those vivid, vibrant tones!
Dying, buying, justifying,
   Jesus justly claims His own.

In the Savior’s resurrection
   God displays His dazzling might,
Seeing, freeing, guaranteeing
   Life with Christ as saints in light.

In our hearts the Lord has entered,
   Sweetly lavished lustrous love,
Welling, swelling, ever telling
   Of that perfect light above.

Now we walk in warmth and wonder;
   His dear presence is our light.
Hearing, cheering, hindrance-clearing,
   He will steer our steps aright.

Then one day in greater grandeur
   We’ll behold His brilliant hues,
Gazing, praising—grace amazing!—
   Gladly glimpsing glorious views.

Ed Morris, 2007

This page copyright © 2007 Edward A. Morris.  Created October 10, 2007.  Last updated October 12, 2007.

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