The Hairy Tick

Of all the critters men have cursed,
The hateful hairy tick is worst.
His charm conceals a crudest quest
To snag you in his noxious nest.

Beware his lure! Don’t cross that line!
His bite will blight your nimble mind!
Once fooled, your failed defense will flee:
You’ll be as false and foul as he.

You’ll kiss your intellect goodbye.
You’ll sprout a vile, predacious eye
To watch for weaker wits than you
And crush them in your quagmire, too.

But if you fear the hairy tick,
Don’t fall for his most scary trick:
The more you crucify this crook,
The more like him you’ll start to look!

Ed Morris, 2012

This page copyright © 2012 Edward A. Morris.  Created May 15, 2012.  Last updated May 15, 2012.

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