Herein Is Love

Herein is love divine,
   That God His Son should give
That mankind might rich mercy find,
   And pardoned sinners live.

Herein is love how vast,
   Its wondrous reach how wide!
No rebel ever was outcast
   Who on the Lord relied.

Herein is love how long,
   Undying, changeless, sure!
No woe can ever slow its song,
   No blight its light obscure.

Herein is love how true,
   Its depth proved by its price!
God’s holy wrath, sin’s awful due,
   Sustained by sacrifice.

Herein is love how grand;
   None could its height express!
It lifts us up with Christ to stand,
   Redeemed and fully blest.

Sing how this perfect love
   A perfect source proclaims
And glorifies our God above,
   Outpraising all acclaims.

Ed Morris, 2008
May be sung to S.M. tunes including Boylston and Dennis (Blest Be the Tie That Binds).

This page copyright © 2008 Edward A. Morris.  Created September 17, 2008.  Last updated September 18, 2008.

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