The light and word and wisdom
   Of Deity on high
Became a common baby
   To wake us with his cry.

Through need he learned obedience
   And trust and truth and grace
Till those who gazed intently
   Saw glory in his face.

His path of crucifixion
   Proclaimed a God whose reign
Can carry for his children
   Their guilt and grief and pain.

To resurrection’s riddle
   The mystery’s now made known
That with God’s great Messiah
   We’re called to share his throne.

This chosen man of suffering
   Through whom God’s life is poured
Has thus become our Icon,
   Our Pattern and our Lord.

Ed Morris, 2013

This page copyright © 2013 Edward A. Morris.  Created February 7, 2013.  Last updated February 7, 2013.

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