Encouragement from Jehoshaphat

When the burden of your battle is too big for you to bear,
   And bewildered and discouraged you cry out to God in prayer,
“Lord, You rule o’er earth and heaven, and salvation comes from You,
   But my situation’s hopeless—I just don’t know what to do!”
So you fix your eyes on Jesus, knowing nowhere else to run,
   Then you’re right where God has brought you, in the presence of His Son!

Oh, the sweetness of the fellowship when gazing on His face!
   Oh, the blessing of dependence on the Lord of sovereign grace!
What a bliss to know He loves you as you see His glory shine!
   What a peace to hear His answer, “This is not your war, but Mine!”
You can face your foe with fearlessness; you will not have to fight,
   So just take your stand in stillness and behold His saving might!

Trust in God and be established and believe His Word so true.
   Praise and thank Him for His mercy and His faithfulness to you.
Sing with joy whatever happens; He is working for your good.
   Let your knowledge of His wisdom reassure you as it should.
Looking back from heaven’s vantage you will understand His plan,
   And you’ll glory in His greatness and His wondrous thoughts to man!

For the day is drawing nearer when the battle will be o’er,
   And these trials and temptations will be testing you no more,
And the One who won the victory so valiantly each day,
   Gaining just the goal He sought for, though He seemed so far away,
Will rejoice to have you with Him, in His holy beauty, too,
   And you’ll prize the precious privilege of the part He’s given you!

Ed Morris, 2006
(Based on 2 Chronicles 20)

This page copyright © 2006 Edward A. Morris.  Created September 16, 2006.  Last updated September 17, 2006.

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