From time everlasting in glory above
   The Almighty God had one consummate love.
His only begotten, His daily delight,
   In all of His fullness partaking by right.

Then who is this bondman, a sacrifice made,
   On Calvary’s altar for burnt offering laid?
O solemn fulfillment! O heart-breaking plan!
   The Lord has provided Himself a dear Lamb!

No mind can conceive the distress that ensues:
   The holy Lord Jesus, Jehovah must bruise.
But, counting the prize worth immeasurable pain,
   He bears all the suffering, redemption to gain.

And now it is finished; the work is all done.
   What joy for the Father to raise His dear Son!
And as ransomed children, loved thus to the end,
   We share in His bliss; how His glories transcend!

Ed Morris, 1993 (Revised 1994)

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