The Joy of Tears

You’ve known the moan of heavy heart;
   You’ve worn the wear of weary years.
Depression’s played its painful part,
   But have you known the joy of tears?

You sigh and mourn from morn to night;
   Your spirit pours perpetual prayers.
And time no answer brings to sight,
   But have you learned the joy of tears?

You know God’s plan works all for good;
   His love your silent heartache hears.
In theory this you’ve understood,
   But have you felt the joy of tears?

The Savior weeps with weeping souls;
   He deeply sorrows, suffers, cares.
How sweetly He can thus console,
   Who knows Himself the joy of tears.

Why should we trial and grief abhor,
   Which hold us to His heart so dear?
Through them He makes us love Him more
   And richly live the joy of tears.

This time of testing that He grants
   Will only last a few more years.
The present is our only chance
   To praise Him in the joy of tears.

Lord, grow us in Your glorious grace
   Until Your image so appears
That we can spread Your smiling face
   And thank You for the joy of tears.

Ed Morris, 2007

This page copyright © 2007 Edward A. Morris.  Created October 16, 2007.  Last updated October 17, 2007.

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