Judgment Day

When the thunder rolls as the big bell tolls
   And the earth dissolves in smoke,
When you feel the flame of the holy Name
   And you know it’s not a joke,
When the dizzy fright of the dazzling light,
   As it soaks clear through your soul,
Makes you bow the knee and submit your plea
   Can you say which way you’ll roll?

Will you curse and swear that it’s just not fair
   For it’s not how you’d supposed,
And you’d hate to stay in the righteous sway
   Of a Sovereign unopposed?
Might you deem it wrong that you’ve been so long
   Thinking what you loved was God,
Just to find that He had no aim to be
   The fulfillment of your fraud?

Will you gaze amazed at a beauty raised
   To a height you’d never dreamed?
Will you sense inside this is why you’d sighed
   For a perfect love, it seemed?
Will the God you see evidently be
   What you’d yearned for all along,
Though you could not know when you lived below
   That your ardor was so strong?

What you worship now will be yours somehow
   When the judgment throne you face.
If you want to run from the Sacred Son,
   Then you’ll never praise His grace.
If your true desire is a tiny fire
   Just to know Him as your Lord,
Then your soul’s esteemed for it’s been redeemed
   And you’ll welcome your reward.

Ed Morris, 2012

This page copyright © 2012 Edward A. Morris.  Created July 30, 2012.  Last updated July 30 2012.

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