Testimony of a Lost Sheep

A frightened lamb, I cried and ran,
Not knowing which direction
Would lead me home, no more to roam
From comfort and protection.

A lion roared, the torrent poured,
Then on the rocks I stumbled.
Now torn and bruised, forlorn, confused,
My hopes in darkness crumbled.

But when I knew I could not do
One thing to find salvation,
The Shepherd came and called my name;
He knew my desperation.

His calming voice my heart rejoiced,
And in my joy I pondered
Why He should care my life to spare
Who willfully had wandered.

’Twas not that I by helpless cry
Could win His choice and favor.
’Twas just that He’d in grace decreed
To be my only Savior.

So in His arms, won by His charms,
I’ll praise His name who found me.
To Him I’ll cling, His worth I’ll sing,
His loveliness surrounds me.

Ed Morris, 2009

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