Make Us Thankful

Make us thankful people, Lord,
   For Your glorious gifts outpoured,
Lavish treasures from Your heart,
   Boundless blessing to impart.

Thankful for the gifts of life,
   Beauty, joy, and rest from strife,
Mountain snow and springtime rain,
   Home and hearth and country lane.

Thankful for Your tender care,
   For Your sheep a sumptuous fare.
Thankful for Your guiding hand,
   Though we little understand.

Thankful, too, for grief and pain,
   Hurts that make our hearts complain,
Dredging out our fleshly ways,
   Shaping us to show Your grace.

Thankful most of all for Christ,
   Precious saving sacrifice,
Gift to whom all others point,
   Who will never disappoint.

Make us thankful people, Lord,
   Your blest Name to be adored,
Seeing love in each detail,
   Knowing joy will hence prevail.

Ed Morris, 2009

This page copyright © 2009 Edward A. Morris.  Created May 7, 2009.  Last updated May 10, 2009.

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