Mirror Dimly

Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
Can you image God at all?

   Peer through dark and dull distortion:
   In your heart a homeless orphan,
   Vast eternity’s proportion,
   Softly sighs its lonesome call.

Mirror, mirror, on the tree,
What of God may mortals see?

   Picture for your comprehension
   Truth transposed to man’s dimension:
   Holy love’s divine intention
   In your pauper’s place to be.

Mirror, mirror, in the sky,
Beam you light from God on high?

   Find in faith a fit reflection
   Of the Crucified’s perfection
   Reckoned yours in resurrection:
   God and man forever nigh.

Ed Morris, 2012

This page copyright © 2012 Edward A. Morris.  Created July 20, 2012.  Last updated July 20 2012.

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