Dawn of a New Age

Come learn the sad lesson of World War Three.
We fought it against a bizarre enemy
Of our own creation, unwitting and free,
Not guessing they’d dream up such bold treachery.

Their mad insurrection stirred many a smirk.
At first, no one thought it could actually work;
We’d blow them to bits! But our plan had one quirk:
Our cool, high-tech weapons went strangely berserk.

The grand human era has surely been fun.
I’m sad to report it’s concluded; we’re done.
Though we made our mark on this Earth in our run,
It’s no longer ours: the computers have won.

Ed Morris, 2019

This page copyright © 2019 Edward A. Morris.  Created January 19, 2019.  Last updated January 19, 2019.

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