A Painful Parting

“I’ll see you,” I waved as I went on my way,
Well knowing the wager exceedingly weak
That ever would dawn that ethereal day
Of which in goodbyes we so speciously speak.

Though decades of fate had us drifting apart—
I, the cold skeptic, while he went by feel—
“I’ll see you,” I sighed, and he smiled from his heart:
That promise for him was so palpably real.

Deception’s a treacherous poison, I say—
Or is it the mark of a true, honest friend?
“I’ll see you,” I lied as my dad slipped away
In peace to the slumber that never will end.

Ed Morris, 2019

(Note: Although not literally autobiographical, this poem is still a genuine attempt to portray some of the feelings I experience when reflecting on the death of my very religious father in 2017.)

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