Poet in His Poem

The Poet’s pen is fused with fire,
His drama drenched in joy and woe.
His characters in soul aspire
His program and their part to know.

The dusky curtain starts to fall,
For springtime’s scene must surely end.
Will He who scored their mournful call
Forsake His verse or write again?

His energizing mind conceives:
Act Two brings forth a common child.
Though in the plot He deftly weaves,
None other than Himself He’s styled.

Each evil He by faith endures
In this His orchestrated song
His fellow fiddlers now assures
He’s had a purpose all along.

The final proof He will not fail
His creatures then He fully gives:
No autobiographic tale
Is over while its author lives.

A masterpiece of grand design
Unfolds from what is still obscure
For those who long to see it shine
And praise their Poet’s passion pure.

Ed Morris, 2012

This page copyright © 2012 Edward A. Morris.  Created November 2, 2012.  Last updated November 2, 2012.

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