The Most Polarizing Filter of All

When you say my party’s shameful, I most soberly agree.
Their too-frequent frauds and sellouts make me angry as can be.
Just one thing I’ll still insist on, as these defects we rehearse:
That the other side’s pure evil, and this makes them even worse.

Don’t be telling me I’m biased; I admit my faction’s flaws.
You’re the one who must be blinded by some prejudicial cause.
Though I feel betrayed and lied to, if the roles were in reverse,
Can’t you see the sots you sanction would transgress the same or worse?

From this vindicated viewpoint where I fly above the fray
Of your tribalistic rabble in their raucous rah-rah way,
I’m not plastered in position (plainly that would be perverse),
I just wish for you my wisdom on whose wickedness is worse.

Ed Morris, 2020

This page copyright © 2020 Edward A. Morris.  Created February 3, 2020.  Last updated February 4, 2020.

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