Psalm 45

My heart overflows with a high soaring theme
   And spills out a song of an all glorious King,
Far fairer than mortals, with lips dripping grace,
   By God blessed forever, most worthy of praise.

O mightiest Victor, majestic and strong,
   With sword on Your side, in Your splendor ride on!
Crusading for meekness, for truth, and for right,
   Your piercing, sharp arrows will win every fight.

Your throne is eternal, O God of all fame.
   A scepter of justice embodies Your reign.
By Your God anointed with pleasures anew
   Because of Your love for the holy and true.

Your garments waft fragrance, exotic and rare,
   From opulent ivory palaces where,
Surrounded with honor and at Your right hand,
   A queen crowned with gold You’ve exalted to stand.

Listen, O bride of a heavenly King:
   Do not love the world from which you’ve been redeemed,
But reverence your Master with worshipful fear;
   He treasures your beauty who’s made you so pure.

With gladness and joy you’ll be brought to your King
   In radiant white raiment, forever to sing
The praise of the Sovereign who sits on the throne,
   Who loved you and blessed you and named you His own.

Ed Morris, 2008

This page copyright © 2008 Edward A. Morris.  Created October 14, 2008.  Last updated October 14, 2008.

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