The Serpent of Pseudo-Paradise

So sophic, so subtle, so sensual, so strong,
He gleamed in God’s garments so fair.
To the virginal mother he sang his sweet song
With her family happily there.

So trusting, so fearing, so captive, so free,
She savored his soothing embrace.
From the lips that she kissed came the dreadful decree:
“Your children I’ll chase from this place.”

So anguished, so broken, so steadfast, so brave,
She begged for their souls all the while,
Scarred but safe, they escaped from the nest of that knave,
To their grief now the grave of her smile.

So charming, so callous, so craven, so snide,
He finished his prophecy’s curse:
“With a saccharine sword I’ll secure you inside,
In sadness, in sickness, for worse.”

Ed Morris, 2015

This page copyright © 2015 Edward A. Morris.  Created November 13, 2015.  Last updated November 13, 2015.

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