The Resurrection

Strange the angels’ striking story
   To the bringers of perfume:
As foretold, the Lord of glory
   Was no longer in the tomb.
John and Peter saw His wrappings.
   Mary lingered at the scene.
Each at first was puzzled, grappling:
   What could all these wonders mean?

Hallelujah! Christ has risen!
   He’s alive forevermore!
Death could no more Him imprison
   Than a boast could win a war.
And His resurrection power
   Raised us, too, through faith, with Him.
As the bulb bursts forth in flower,
   We now have new life within.

Sin, the sting of death, is broken;
   Jesus bore its penalty.
God, in raising Christ, has spoken,
   (Just and Justifier, He!)
By His pardon access making:
   We can know Him as He is.
And in knowing we’re partaking
   Of the endless life that’s His.

Born of God with life eternal,
   Not our own, but Christ within,
What a guarantee supernal
   Of a future free from sin!
Christ in us, the hope of glory,
   We in Him, forever His,
Rich the resurrection story,
   Blest our promised prospect is.

Ed Morris, 2008

This page copyright © 2008 Edward A. Morris.  Created March 29, 2008.  Last updated March 29, 2008.

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