The Second Prodigal

Don’t you dare forgive that pagan
   Till he’s said the sinner’s prayer.
Keep a watchful eye upon him;
   For his hostile heart beware.

For the sake of sober doctrine
   It won’t hurt to see him stew.
Make him swear his soul’s allegiance
   In the solemn way I do.

I have loved you, I have served you,
   I’ve defended your great name,
And I know you much more deeply
   Than this scofflaw you acclaim.

Oh, it’s not that I don’t like him;
   It’s his good I have in view:
He must prove to our best judgment
   That his penitence is true.

If you give your grace so freely
   To just anyone who thirsts,
Then they’ll never learn the blessing
   Of their selfishness reversed.

Thus indulged in lavish lewdness
   My crude blasphemy increased,
And my Father came to meet me,
   Welcomed me to join the feast.

Ed Morris, 2012

This page copyright © 2012 Edward A. Morris.  Created July 29, 2012.  Last updated July 29 2012.

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