The Champion

The stalwart soldiers shrank in fear and trembled to a man
   Before a feral fiend who stood six cubits and a span.
In armor unassailable he boasted of his might.
   The enemy of justice challenged each and all to fight.

No mortal man could match this wicked warrior from his youth;
   For forty days he taunted them, to prove this awful truth.
He made them feel their weakness and the fix that they were in:
   They’d surely be his servants since they had no hope to win.

The Lord looked down with deep concern and saw their dreadful plight.
   The devil’s power displeased Him, so He bared His arm for fight.
To brave the biggest battlefield, the Father sent His Son.
   Though slighted by His brothers, from His task He would not run.

No armor would He carry as He faced the foe alone:
   The weapons of His choosing were a shepherd’s sling and stone.
His lambs He would deliver from the lion’s loathsome jaws.
   He knew that God was with Him in His right and worthy cause.

The giant scoffed in hatred and his challenger disdained.
   He thought the show was over and the victory he’d gained.
He’d crucify this lowly youth and feed him to the birds.
   The truth he failed to recognize: The battle is the Lord’s.

Forthwith to fight the felon did our daring David charge.
   No need to fear death’s savage spear, though weaver’s beam-like large.
His rival had no chance because the Lord he had defied,
   And on the name of that same Lord, God’s chosen Man relied.

He slung His stone and sank it deep to crush the serpent’s head.
   He took the brute’s great brawny blade and with it smote him dead.
And having thus disarmed the powers of sin and hell arrayed,
   A glorious triumph over them He publicly displayed.

The Victor’s spoils, so well-deserved: great riches and a bride.
   Our souls are knit to His in love; with Him we now abide.
Like Jonathan, we give to Him our royal robe and sword:
   The right to reign is His alone, our Champion and our Lord.

Ed Morris, 2007

This page copyright © 2007 Edward A. Morris.  Created November 5, 2007.  Last updated November 6, 2007.

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