Theodicy of Redemption

“Be glad and rejoice forever in what I create...” - Isaiah 65:18

What mind unfurled this whirling world
   So graced with glimpse of glory?
On wanton wings my spirit sings
   Creation’s staggering story.

It does not last; I mull, aghast,
   Life, meaningless and feeble:
The doleful drone poor mortals moan
   Of pain and death and evil.

A God whose hand each detail planned?
   Such talk seems sick and twisted!
A perfect place—a perfect race—
   He’d make if He existed.

Yet thus how quaint such crude complaint
   Of clay against its molder!
Had I a yen to not have been,
   My clamor could be bolder.

I can’t explain why God should deign
   To fashion faulty creatures,
But what I see in you and me
   Are not our final features.

The Lord above of grace and love
   Has work as yet unfinished:
The heavens and earth will see rebirth
   With glory undiminished.

Redemption’s song for those who long
   To be God’s children, holy,
Can praise His name and spread His fame
   Who meets their passion fully.

Ed Morris, 2011

This page copyright © 2011 Edward A. Morris.  Created January 1, 2011.  Last updated January 1, 2011.

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