The Servant

See the Servant of the Lord,
   By the Prophets underscored,
Well-delighting God’s own soul,
   Chosen One we now extol,
But by mankind most abhorred,
   Glorious Servant of the Lord!

Faithful Servant, just and true,
   Sin and failure never knew,
Calmly working what was right,
   Not disheartened by our spite,
Nor by what He had to do,
   Knowing all that would ensue.

Skillful Servant, keen and wise,
   E’er perceived the slickest guise.
Sharpened arrow from God’s bow,
   Piercing hearts of friend and foe,
Laying bare our secret lies,
   Yet with tender, loving eyes.

Gentle Servant, mild and meek,
   Friend of battered reeds so weak,
Raising neither cry nor plea,
   Showing sinners sympathy,
E’en when turning other cheek—
   Greater love no tongue can speak!

Humble Servant, daily stirred
   By His Father’s constant word,
Living in obedient trust
   In the God whose ways are just.
Though reproaches He endured,
   Vindication was assured.

See the wonder of His grace!
   Like a flint He set His face,
More than any man was marred,
   For His life had no regard,
Bore the curse for Adam’s race,
   Took the sinner’s guilty place.

Yet His suffering at our hand
   Was the Father’s perfect plan.
Sweetest smelling sacrifice,
   Fully paid sin’s awful price
By His death at God’s command,
   Showing forth His glory grand.

Noble Servant, thus outpoured,
   This Your well-deserved reward:
Kings and princes will bow down
   And confess Your rightful crown.
Ever be Your name adored,
   Blessed Servant of the Lord!

Ed Morris, 2008

This page copyright © 2008 Edward A. Morris.  Created February 25, 2008.  Last updated February 25, 2008.

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