Treasures of God’s Fullness

What glorious treasures, Lord, in You we see,
   O perfect Light of holy Deity,
Where God was pleased to make His fullness dwell,
   And in Your fullness we delight as well!

In You we see the fullness of God’s grace,
   Coming from glory to the lowest place,
Made sin for sinful, undeserving man,
   Purchased our prized place in redemption’s plan.

In You we see the fullness of God’s truth,
   About Your Father’s business from Your youth.
Your words stand fast, no guile, no impure parts,
   Discerner of each motive of our hearts.

In You we see the fullness of God’s love,
   Love of a tender Father up above,
Love that came down and looked upon our needs,
   Love that still carries our infirmities.

In You the fullness of God’s joy we see,
   Transcending sorrow of the shameful tree,
Delighting in Your saving work well done,
   Joy in Your fruit who joy to be Your own.

Oh, thrill our hearts with all Your fullness grand!
   Each taste is rich, sweet blessing from Your hand!
O Bread of Life, O God-revealing Word,
   We long for deeper knowledge of You, Lord!

Ed Morris, 2007
May be sung to the tune Ellers or Eventide (Abide With Me).

This page copyright © 2007 Edward A. Morris.  Created August 19, 2007.  Last updated August 19, 2007.

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