Walk on Water

Stay safe in the boat is everyone’s vote;
   Trust God in the time-honored way.
Our absolutes sound form such a firm ground;
   Don’t question or throw that away.

But are we so sure their craft can endure
   The hurricanes, howling and grave?
I’d rather be near the God I hold dear
   Who wills me to walk on the wave.

With faith ebbing low, I can’t say I know
   If lacking foundation I’ll float.
But Truth is out there; the risk I must bear
   And seek him outside of the boat.

With each step I take, I know I forsake
   All hope of return to my stay.
The surf crashes high; in panic I cry
   And sense myself sinking away.

Then seizing my hand, he sets me to stand:
   A savior who needs not a boat.
He shows himself real, though still I can’t feel
   Precisely what keeps me afloat.

The Lord of the seas, with infinite ease,
   Has power to protect by his plan.
He gives what we need to trust him indeed
   Without the stock constructs of man.

So don’t be afraid, though friends be dismayed,
   Your searchings and doubts to explore.
You’ll find him more true for all you go through
   Whom having not seen you’ll adore.

Ed Morris, 2010

This page copyright © 2010 Edward A. Morris.  Created August 18, 2010.  Last updated September 8, 2014.

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